adidas Brougham "Jam-Master Jay"

After putting adidas on the map much like how MJ put Nike in the game, the iconic group get to design their own pairs; the same pairs that will then be used to pay homage to the legendary, Jam-Master Jay.

2002 was the year the Hip Hop community lost one of its legend in Jam-Master Jay. Sadly, the murder case is still unsolved, with no new suspects being named.

In 2007, the J.A.M. Awards was launched in his memory. It fosters Jay's vision for social Justice, Arts, Music which was promoted by many recording artists.

With this, adidas created 4 pairs to pay homage to the Hip Hop legend - 3 pairs of Brougham and 1 pair of Ultrastar, all of which were adidas models designed by the group back in the 80's.

I was able to get hold and take pictures of 2 of the 3 pair of the Cadillac-inspired (at least in name) Broughams, both sample pairs, courtesy of a good friend, Miko.

The sneakers were released in White/Black, White/Red, and Black/Black colorways, colors that are very much associated with Run-DMC.

The entire upper consists of leather, including the tongue and lining with the big trefoil logo printed at the back.

Exclusively released at Footlocker late November of 2007, the sneakers features image of Jam-Master Jay on the tongue and kept true to its old school form.

The insole features J.A.M. which stands for Justice.Arts.Music that focus of rap's social responsibility.

R.I.P. Jam-Master Jay!