Arigato Japanese Restaurant

High quality sushi at affordable prices? Why not!

To celebrate my Dad and brother's birthday, the whole family went out for dinner.

The place offer a lot of the usual Japanese dishes but they are all about the sushi.

Their Ton-Katsu, deep fried breaded pork loin.

Their Chicken Teriyaki, char-broiled skinless chicken.

Their Oyako-Don, chicken, vegetables, and egg served over rice.

Their Shrimp tempura, battered shrimps crisply deep fried.

We had a hard time choosing which sushi, maki, and sashimi to order. They have a lot to choose from and we just picked what soothes our appetite.

Their Hot Mango Roll, with spicy tuna and mango, topped with sliced mango, spicy mayo, mango sauce, and cayenne.

Their 8 piece Nigiri.

Their Las Vegas Roll, hefty serving filled with shrimp tempura, cream cheese to name a few, topped with 4 kinds of tobiko.

 Las Vegas Roll Arigato Sushi Japanese Restaurant Salinas Vacation 2016

Their own take on fried ice cream for dessert.