Elli's Great American Restaurant

Representing a melting pot of culinary tastes brought to you by immigrants from around the world who arrived via Ellis Island.

After our Hawaii trip, we were back in Salinas. First stop for breakfast, Elli's Great American Restaurant.

 Elli's Great American Restaurant Salinas California Vacation 2016

The restaurant is all about making everything from scratch. My sister said they serve great food, so my brothers are having a hard time picking what to eat.

We got their Calamari Strips as appetizers.

My brother calls this his "Power Breakfast".

Just kidding, he's sharing.

I ordered their Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

My mom got their Early Bird Special.

They have this mini replica of the Lady Liberty outside the restaurant.

After our breakfast, we drove to Monterey to spend some time before going home.

We ordered a slice from Pizza My Heart to try it.

Literally, a slice.