Senyor in Singapore 2016: Flower Dome

The alluring flower that has a significant part in Turkish arts and culture.

Coming from our Trick Eye Museum adventure, we went straight to Gardens by the Bay. 

We were right on time for this floral display at the Floral Dome. The entire conservatory was filled with different types of Tulips.

Soon as we entered, we were greeted by the colorful buds that were arranged row after row, after row.

The Tulipa 'Oviedo', a pastel purple fringed tulip with white edges.

We completely forgot about the other plants and flowers inside the conservatory because soon as you look below, you'll see this:

Looking up, I can't describe how awesome this piece of architecture really is.

Now back to more Tulips.

The Tulipa 'Monte Carlo', a double petalled tulip in sulphur yellow.

It seemed like you were in a vast field of blooming Tulips, all ready to welcome Spring.

The Tulipa 'Arjuna', an example of the Triumph class of Tulips. It is deep orange in color.

The Tulipa 'Claudia' has purple petals with white edges.

I also noticed some of the flowers in the area.

We got tired from taking photos.