March in Singapore: ArtScience Museum

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Last March, my girlfriend and I were back again in what looks like one of my favorite city yet, Singapore. This time, our vacation stretched for 7 days. At first, we thought 7 days is more than enough for the entire trip. We were wrong. Honestly, we could've stayed longer if we wanted to but work happened.

For our first day, we made our way to the often appreciated architecture in Marina Bay, the ArtScience Museum.

You should recognize this familiar structure since every photo you'll see of Marina Bay Sands, the ArtScience Museum is right there. The museum is holding galleries and exhibits and the main reason we went here is for the Future World: Where Art Meets Science in collaboration with teamLab.

The exhibits are divided into 4 key narratives, each having their own unique interactivity and experience. After we got our tickets, we made our way to the first stop, Nature.

First attraction to see was the immersive audiovisual installation which features a crow that is chased by crows as well. The crow embodies the Sun in Japanese mythology. After that, the big hall next has pillows where you can take a break and relax while watching the never ending crashing of waves. Black Waves is an entirely digitally rendered expression of nature that depicts the bodies of water in traditional Japanese painting.

Black Waves invites the viewers to see themselves as part of the seascape, thus giving an understanding that nature and ourselves have no separation.

Moving forward, we move forward to Town. This installation showcases five of teamLab's projects designed to engage learning through play.

Connecting! Train Block is one fun installation. Just move the wooden blocks to design and connect an evolving system of roads, rivers, and railways to keep the traffic moving smoothly.

Sketch Town depicts a fictitious town based on Singapore. You can see recognizable landmarks in the installation projected against the wall. Using the crayons and paper provided, draw and color a building, car, or plane (a UFO in our case). When you're done, just place it on the digital scanner and wait for it to become 3D animated objects and appear in the town, bringing it to life.

Media Block Chair creates a playful and vibrant structures from glowing blocks stacked on top of each other. The endless variations of colors, light, and forms to create can provide hours of fascinating fun for visitors.

A Table Where Little People Live made us goof around for a bit. Miniature characters projected onto the table move around the environment when left alone; they walk, jump, slide, hop. Introducing objects into their world changes how they interact and becomes more animated as you introduce more and more objects

We weren't able to go to Graffiti Nature since kids took them over. (Sad lah.)

Park continues where Town left off, only this time it is inspired by nature and recreational play. It also consists of 5 installations. Before entering, you'll notice this huge projection, Universe of Water Particles. It's a 7-metre tall virtual waterfall with each particles digitally programmed and generated to flow according to the laws of Physics.

The Light Ball Orchestra lets you create your very own, one-of-a-kind orchestra. Each beachball-sized globes with multicolored light and sound are your instruments. Work together with other visitors by pushing, bouncing, and rolling the balls to continuously change the composition, color, and sound of your orchestra.

Just like in TownPark also features a similar installation: Sketch Aquarium. Just add colors to the different images of sea creatures like rainbow fish, stingrays, sharks, and jellyfish, have it digitally scanned, and wait for it to appear on the projection as a 3D animated object.

My turtle even has my Instagram and website on it, only in reverse. (Sad lah)

For me, the highlight of the exhibit is Space. It features only one installation, but a very awesome one. Crystal Universe is an artwork that is created with teamLab's Interactive 4-D Vision technology which features more than 170,000 LED lights. This is where we spent most of our time because watching the lights go on and off in sync with the music really soothes your senses.