March in Singapore: Fountain of Wealth

After going through series of unfortunate events, the stunning sight of the world's largest fountain made it all worth it. Located in the center of Suntec City, the Fountain of Wealth is a symbol of wealth and life.

While having a quick brunch in Bugis, I realized my tripod wasn't with me. I decided to go back the hotel to pick it up. While waiting for the bus, it started raining hard. After my girlfriend hopped off Suntec City, I made my way back to Lavender area.

To cut things short, I rode the wrong bus, went down at the wrong stop, got drenched in the rain, and made the 30 minute travel into 2 hours. Good thing the sky cleared up when I reach Suntec City, with my tripod.

To maximize my tripod, which I went through so much just to have with me that day, we decided to stay until the laser show was on. The basement restaurant area of Suntec city lies around fountain's base anyway, so killing time wasn't a problem.

Here are some of the photos I took soon as the fountain lit up. Enjoy!