March in Singapore: Gardens by the Bay

Continuing our short vacation in Singapore (again) last March, we decided to visit Gardens by the bay. Blossom Bliss is back the second time around showcasing varieties of Cherry Blossoms blooming.

It was a fine afternoon that day; not too sunny, but not too cloudy for rain to pour. We went there late in the afternoon, making sure that by the time we're done, the Cloud Forest would have been lit.

There were a lot of people in there, as expected, trying to enjoy the seasonal blooming of Cherry Blossoms throughout the conservatory. Some trees have flowers that are about to bloom, in full bloom, and flowers about to fall off. It's her first time to see and experience actual Cherry Blossoms in Spring time, so it was such a sight to see her all smiles.

Enjoy the photos!

Of course, they still have the other flowers and plants inside the dome.

Keeping up with the Japanese theme featuring a lot of Cherry Blossom trees.

We went inside the Cloud Forest afterwards to see it lit for the first time.