Nike Air Max 90 Family & Friends White Croc

Even a pair said to have only "50 pairs in existence" can't escape midsole crumbling.

What you're seeing here is the aftermath of ageing, humid weather, and improper storage... But I'm not mad.😁

I got this from Carlo I believe 2 years ago as a gift. At first I didn't believe what it was until I did my research about them.

Turns out, they are the Family & Friends Air Max 90 White Crocodile Skin.

Featuring a faux white crocodile skin upper on top of a white midsole, this pair was said to have only few pairs in existence. It surfaced as the 20th Anniversary of the Air Max 90 was around the corner.

I was still able to wear them a few times before sensing the inevitable.

Since it's Air Max Day 2016; A yearly celebration started by Nike to commemorate the day a revolution began, I decided to take photos of these grails.

And that's the way my midsole crumbled.😁

Happy Air Max Day!