Pebble Beach: 17-Mile Drive

It doesn't matter if you drive, bike, or walk it, 17 Mile Drive is one of the most scenic drives in the world.

This famous coastal landmark runs through Pacific Grove to Pebble Beach. It passes through famous golf courses, mansions, and scenic attractions. There were stops throughout the literally whole 17-mile drive, one of which is the Bird Rock.

As the name suggests, the place has a lot of, well, bird. But, that wasn't what greeted us there.

Squirrels were everywhere in the sandy and rocky shore.

They're not that scared of people maybe because they got used to being fed by visitors.

You can go down by the rocky shore, you just have to be careful in choosing your steps. Of course my siblings had to pose for the camera.

*Insert Me in photo*

We skipped most of the stops found along the road. We then made our way to the Cypress Point Golf Course to take a moment and appreciate what is said to be one of the most photographed trees in North America.

Said to be close to 250 years old, the western icon stands on a granite hillside and has been held in place with half-hidden cables for 65 years.