Roaring Camp & Big Trees

Where the fog rolls, the Redwood grows.

Roughly an hour from Salinas, my sister decided to take me and our mom to Felton, CA. She said we'll be exploring the big trees there and I knew she's not kidding when we started to drive through the freeway with tall trees on the side.

We arrived in the Roaring Camp & Big Trees just in time for their lone train tour for that day.

We had to walk from the parking lot to the ticketing and train station. Seeing all the trees and greens around is a breath of fresh air.

An old, rusted boiler from one of the early steam trains used inside the camp.

The place surely gives you that "Wild, Wild West" feels.

Since we came in a bit early, we were able to catch the only train tour that day. Few minutes before 11, our ride came rolling through. Choo! Choo!

One wagon was rented out by a group of elderly, so we're quite lucky to still have seats for this tour.

The sun was beaming through the branches of the big trees around.

 Roaring Camp & Big Trees Felton California Redwood Vacation Photography

Tall families of Redwood surrounded us throughout the train ride. The train will make a quick stop at the Bear Mountain before heading back to the station.

This adorable lass made the trip fun with her non-stop questions every time the tour guide mentions something.

This is where the train went to a full stop, maneuvered in reverse uphill with all the people aboard on it, to reach our destination.

The stop was intended for quick bathroom breaks and photo ops if you can squeeze it in.

Just to show you how big Redwood trees are, here's my sister standing next to one.

Redwoods are known to withstand fire. As a proof, here is an old train track damaged by the fire, while the surrounding Redwoods are still standing.