Santa Barbara: City of Solvang

"Sunny Field" in Danish, Solvang offers a taste of Denmark in California.

While in Santa Barbara County, a very good friend of mine from Los Angeles decided to link up that weekend. I will do a separate post on our short but photo-filled trip.

Towards the end of that day, we decided to drive to the city of Solvang.

Soon as we arrived, we were amazed with the amount of people walking and gathering in the city center. Apparently, the city is celebrating their Danish Days.

It was a perfect time to go to the city to experience Denmark right in sunny California. Soon as found a parking spot, it was time for us to explore the city before I head back to Sta. Barbara.

Since most restaurants are full, we were lucky enough to find a table in The Little Mermaid Restaurant.

After the heavy brunch, we went and walked around.

After World War II, an interest grew in the form of a "Danish Village". It started with one home and continued on and on until most of the town looks like what it does now.

Danish folks dancing in the streets for locals and tourists visiting Solvang.

We found out that there will be a parade so we positioned ourselves. The Danish dancers are also part of it so they went and prepared as well.

A couple of minutes later, the parade started.

Led by the "Danish Maid", the parade features marching bands, folk dancers, and floats.

Nordhoff High School's Marching Band; One of the two marching bands that participated in the parade.

Of course, they had to represent the famed Danish fable writer Hans Christian Andersen. 

Solvang's folk dancers back in action.

Santa Ynez High School Robotics Team showcasing their creations as well.

Herbie the Love Bug rolling through!

2016 Lompoc Flower Festival Queen Zoë Burritt and her first runner up Aleaha Wheeler.

The Bethania Lutheran Church making their presence felt in the festivities.


Carlsberg Pilsner. 

I swear, Grandpops here is like 8 feet tall!

The following day, I went back again to Solvang, this time with my sister. There aren't many people compared the day before but the sun was beaming hot.