Senyor in Hawaii: Aloha Stadium Swap Meet

Just 20 minutes away from Waikiki, you'll be in Hawaii's biggest open air flea market.

On our second day in the island, we planned to visit Hawaii's biggest flea market. But first, breakfast.

More of the tourist coaches around at such an early hour.

Even at 9 in the morning, streets are already filled with people walking tirelessly. 

After a few minutes of walking, we reached Duke's.

It was a buffet breakfast and all of us are set to dig in.

Mommy enjoying my sister's glass of Mimosa for breakfast. 😂

Since we were seated near the beach, it's a must we walk on the sand after our heavy breakfast. 

What's Waikiki Beach without surfers, right?

...and jellyfish.

My brothers striking a pose with the Diamond Head behind them.

It's now time to head off to the Aloha Stadium.

We arrived after a few minutes of drive from Waikiki.

The merchants and their shops are placed around the open air parking of the stadium.

The whole stretch of shops have all kinds of stuff; from clothing, jewelries, accessories, souvenir items, and personalized items, to food, fruits, beverages, you name it, they might have it.

Hawaii is the only US State that is able to grow their own coffee plants commercially.

Tiki masks are a staple in souvenir items.

One shop offers these awesome handmade goods and they are the ones personally making them.

Go ahead and check out their Instagram and Facebook to find out more.

We came across this henna tattoo shop and decided to give it a try,

My sister got a butterfly on her foot.

My brothers got an eagle and a surfing dude, respectively.

Of course, I had to have one. The Tiki layout seems too big for my forearm so I chose another one.

Aloha Bakehouse. 'Nuff said.

More walk, more shops, more things to buy.

We can't believe we finished checking out the entire place but of course, we weren't able to take a look at each of the shops thoroughly.

We just waited for our shuttle before heading back to our hotel to prepare for the highlight of that day.