Senyor in Seoul: Insa-dong 인사동

From paintings to sculptures, this is the place to experience and see firsthand traditional Korean culture.

Still in Insadong area, we took time in exploring each and every stores found along this stretch.

Dumplings, anyone? Fresh off the steamer.

Just outside Ssamziegil, I've noticed this guy.

A few blocks down, we saw people gathering around what seems to be a demonstration. We got curious and checked what the fuss is all about.

They are making what they call Gungjung Tarae, a Korean traditional court taffy, popularly known as "Dragon's Beard" Candy.

It was so tasty, we bought ourselves a pack to eat, and several boxes to take home.

We made several stops from one store to another and along the way, we also made sure to taste some Korean street food.

I see you rollin', but I ain't hatin'!

There were ladies dressed in their traditional Hanbok. I tried to take photos but there were really too many people.

It was a tiring but fun experience.