Senyor in Seoul: N Seoul Tower (N 서울타워)

After more than 30 years of being open to the public, N Seoul Tower is still one of the top tourist destinations in Seoul.

Sitting on top of Namsan Mountain, the whole place offers a panoramic views of the city of Seoul. But first, you need to get up the mountain.

 Seoul South Korea N Seoul Tower N 서울타워 Travel Photography

Soon as you get off the cable car, you'll walk up a few steps.

One thing that got me excited here is the overlooking view of Seoul. Other than that, you'll notice two things; Tourists and Padlocks.

With all the locks in place, I'm surprised the railings haven't collapsed yet.

A few more walks and you'll reach the tower's base.

We went around, thought it was quite windy that day, and decided to have a quick grub.

They decided to sit for a bit but I was eager to see more of the place.

I know I mentioned earlier about the two things you'll notice here, right? Yes, I thought so.

Of course, the awesome panoramic view of the city is awesome.

I am looking forward to coming back here again. So many things to try, food to eat, and places to visit.