Senyor in Seoul: Ssamziegil 쌈지길

The place that has been marked as the "Special Insa-dong within Insa-dong".

With over 70 shops that include handicrafts, souvenirs, art galleries, and restaurants, Ssamziegil can be your one stop place.

Soon as you enter, you'll notice people lining up to get some "poop".

On a serious note, it's a waffle bread with fillings shaped in a form of, well, poop. It's really tasty I had no time to take photos of how it looks like when you take a bite. Fillings and bread are hot though.

Some of the other tasty treats.

Most of the walls there have writings, artworks, sketches, scribbles, and sometimes, cheesy messages.

Just kidding, we didn't bother adding up writings on the wall.

The entire place is uniquely designed by connecting the building's alleys in the form of a spiral-like stairway.

Finely crafted jewellery in one of the shops.

Some shops have signs that say no photographs, some don't, but just to be safe, I rarely whip out my camera when inside the stores.

At the top, you'll see this area filled with personal tags.