Senyor in Singapore 2015: Gardens By The Bay

"With a grove of living skyscrapers, discover a trove of wonders".

I've always wanted to see this garden. I've been curious with the tall structures and I wanted to see them in person.

Soon as we got out of Bayfront station, this is the first thing you'll see...

This place is one big garden that consists of smaller gardens. It has a lot of attractions inside and we were able to visit two of their conservatories. I'll post separate entries for each conservatories.

After exploring both of the conservatories, we took a breather and went to the Supertree Grove as the sun started to set.

We had some churros from one of the stalls there. I think they were just there for the Christmas season.

More sunset photos...

In one of the areas, you'll have a clean view of the Marina Bay Sands.

Yes, sunset.

Be sure to check my page for more photos of the places we visited during our short but fun trip in Singapore.