Senyor in Singapore 2015: Haji Lane

The hidden lane in the heart of the Muslim quarter in Kampong Glam.

It was our last day in Singapore and we decided to explore areas nearby our hotel. Good thing, this place is just a couple of blocks away.

Haji Lane - a colorful and vibrant alley that features rows of stores, and quirky boutiques. 

We were there before noon so most of the boutiques were still closed. The entire strip also has hip bars and cafes.

We decided to try Bergs Burgers. We didn't expect our server to be a fellow Filipino, so we were delighted that someone greeted us in our native tongue.

While waiting for our orders, we decided to explore more of the alley and take photos of the vibrant murals.

I know it's time to check our food when she looked at me like this:

This was our brunch already so we got something heavy; so heavy we had a hard time finishing it.

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