Senyor in Singapore 2015: Trick Eye Museum

Optical illusions were that great, I got tricked on how to frame.

We've been seeing posts in social media before of this place and it definitely made the both of us curious.

The museum consists of 80 optical illusions and installations. Good thing the place wasn’t that crowded when we went there so we didn’t have a hard time taking photos and moving on to the next.

I got so overwhelmed with the place that I forgot to notice how to correctly frame or angle some of my shots. That is the reason why I was not able to post most of the shots I took.

Good thing we both wore comfy shoes because we spent most of our time walking and doing all sorts of poses inside the gallery.

They offer selfie stick rental for your smart devices inside just in case you forgot to bring yours. The gallery encourages you to...

Touch everything inside...

Because it’s an interactive museum anyway…

That aims to trick the eye.

Well, we both went there obviously to goof around.

Maybe next time we’ll go here, I’ll know how to frame and angle each shot on every illusion paintings, and installations inside.

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