Senyor in Singapore 2015: Universal Studios Singapore

It's one thing to watch movies in the big screen, and it's one thing to go beyond the screen and Ride The Movies®.

What's a visit to Sentosa Island Resort if you don't find your way to Universal Studios Singapore? Since we are already there, why not go inside and see for ourselves what's there to do. 

Of course, a photo with the infamous Universal Studios globe is a must. It was a cloudy Friday morning when we went there, but given that it was a Friday, we expected the theme park to be full of people, tourists and locals.

At first, we both didn't know what to do once inside so we decided to take a stroll first. 

We went inside stores so that we'll have some idea what to buy as souvenirs for ourselves and for some people close to us.

We both agreed to roam the whole park in a clock-wise manner.

First stop, Madagascar!

Speaking of King Julien...

Some rides in this area may get you wet so we decided not to risk it. Just across is one familiar house. If you are familiar with fairytales, you should get this quick.

Next stop, Far Far Away!

After watching shows inside, we were curious what the commotion outside was.

Puss and Kitty Softpaws!

We got hungry so we decided to cut our roaming short and went to Hollywood. Soon as we got there, these guys greeted us with jukebox hits.

The Cruisers live on stage... I mean streets!

Great performance and a popped collar to finish it off.

Of course there are other things to notice around the area, like cars... cars... cars!

Mel's Drive-in®

After a quick bite, back to regular programming.

Up next, New York!

This movie poster looks familiar... same movie with this, don't you think?

Soon as we went out of Spielberg's attraction, this guy was outside scaring the hell out of passersby.

We went on exploring the rest of New York.

A couple more walks, we were in Sci-Fi City. I was not able to take that much photos because we were getting tired plus it was too hot.

We can't bare the intense heat so off we go to Ancient Egypt.

We had to rent out lockers just to ride this. When we got there, we had to queue in but soon as we're done, the queue is gone.

Of course, I had to sneak in some sneaker shot. I went out wearing these Nike Flyknit Free.

We didn't spend that much time inside The Lost World since it was already close to the park's closing time.

We were both tired as we wrapped up our day inside Universal Studios Singapore, much like this cute angel who can't resist The Sandman.

Overall, we had a great time inside. Though we weren't able to maximize our time inside, that will be one reason for us to visit this awesome place again, and maybe other Universal Studios around the globe. 'Till next time!

Be sure to check out my page for more photos of the places we visited during our short but fun trip in Singapore in the coming days.