Senyor in Singapore 2016: Lost in Bugis

Lion City, I'm back!

It's only been roughly 5 months since the last time I was in Singapore but my family wanted to experience what this country has to offer.

After arriving a day ahead of my sister and her hubby, we didn't do much but get rest soon as we settled in our apartment. We picked them up the following day and after dropping off their stuff, we headed out to Bugis.

I served as their guide since I've been here and it almost felt like I am a local.

Soon as we arrive in Bugis, we checked out nearby stalls and shopping buildings. We tried Menya Musashi in Bugis Junction.

We had their Crab Stock Ramen, Chicken Cutlet Toji Rice Set, and Musashi Cha Shu Salad.

While walking around the shopping area, I noticed this Lego creations on display.

My sister recognized this Bingsu restaurant along North Bridge road and decided that we should try it. 

Nunsongyee 눈송이 offers a lot of Bingsu to choose from but we settled with the Black Sesame, and Coffe Bingsu.

It rained soon as we finished eating so we had no choice but to go back to our apartment.

  Singapore Bugis Travel Photography 2016 Orchard

Since it was my birthday, we had to celebrate. We were tired from all the walking and my sister still has jet lag, so we tried out some local pubs nearby. We ended up at Harry's Bar.

I wasn't able to take photos because we were out enjoying the night.