Silicon Valley: Googleplex and Apple Campus

When in the Bay Area, a visit to Googleplex and Apple Campus is almost necessary.

My sister decided to take us North of Salinas, a place known to most people as the Silicon Valley.

But first, since we will be in the area anyway, we dropped by IKEA in Palo Alto to do some shopping. Of course, we'll also be trying out their meals. Meat balls FTW!

After spending atleast 2 hours inside IKEA, we head straight to Amphitheatre Parkway to make a quick visit to Googleplex.

Combining Google and the word Complex to form a new word, Googleplex is Google's headquarters situated in Mountain View, California. Colorful bikes are found everywhere, either parked by buildings or being used by employees or "Googlers" as they are famously known.

You are free to roam around the complex, take pictures of the area as long as you don't shoot through the office windows. You also can't enter buildings unless you're authorized to do so.

After that, we drove to Landings Drive to visit Google Merchandise Store.

Right next to it is the Android Statue Garden, a series of large plastic statues.

The statues are based on the code names of Google's Android versions that we all know are named after sweets and desserts.

After a quick shopping at Google's store, we head down to Cupertino.

Apple Campus is located in One Infinite Loop, with the street name heavily associated to programming and programmers.

There's nothing much to do here as of now, but according to one Apple Expert, they are working on creating an attraction inside the campus that will be visitor friendly. I'm looking forward to that.