Always Be Ready

December 2016 has been my most stressful month; So stressful that I haven't posted anything since the start of that month. It's good enough to know that it has nothing to do with work, relationships, or health. 

But as the saying goes, this thing shall pass. Now, with 2017 starting to take its course, I'm taking with me one lesson the previous year has taught me: Be Ready.

Be ready for the inevitable. Be ready for changes. Be ready to take on challenges. Be ready to adjust. Be ready to take risks. Be ready to take that leap of faith.

Last December, I flew to Singapore almost close to being unprepared. I had to work on something and I was blessed enough to have friends there who were willing to help a brother out. I had some free time of my own and what better way to spend it? Of course, take photos.

2017, I'm coming for you.