Taiwan: Taipei 101

Listed as the 8th Tallest Building in the world to date, Taipei 101 gives you a 360° view of Taipei in the confine of its Observatory.

A train ride from Chiang Kai-shek Memorial, you'll reach Taipei 101. You can settle and enjoy the mall on the lower sections or proceed to 5th floor and purchase tickets to their Observation Deck.

Soon as you reach the 89th floor, you can take a look around and enjoy a 360° view or Taipei.

You can also take the plight of stairs and go up the 91st floor and enjoy a view of Taipei minus the glass windows.

A little trivia: Taipei 101 is stabilized by a damper against movements caused by high winds. The damper, which can also be viewed in the Observation Deck, is a 660-tonne (Tuned Mass Damper) TMD.