Thank you 2015, bring it on 2016!

2016 bokeh
2016 bokeh

For those who did not know, I just started this blog in the latter half of 2015.

It was hard at first - trying to figure out what to post, what time to post, how many to post, in what order to post, what categories, and stuff like that. But as days passed, as weeks flew by, and as months went out of the window, I eventually became accustomed to it.

To those who took time to visit my page every time I post something, Thank you.

To those who drop by every now and then, whether I post one or one dozen, Thank you.

To those who shared my posts in every way they can, Thank you.

Y'all been very awesome. More places to visit, more shoes to take photos of, more events to cover, and more restaurants and cafes to satisfy my cravings this 2016.

Keep safe, make peace, and let love take over.