Senyor in Hawaii: USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park

The Pearl Harbor Avenger preserved from all of its World War II patrols.

Day after our Luau, it was time for us to leave the beautiful island, but not without a last hurrah.

The following morning my sister approached the hotel lobby to ask some assistance for the Pearl Harbor Tour. After a few minutes, we were able to grab a last minute tour that won't interfere with our scheduled flight back to California.

Close to an hour of driving, we found ourselves in Pearl Harbor Historic Sites.

Security doesn't allow visitors to bring in any kind of bags inside so we had to deposit them.

The US flag flown at half-staff at the Waterfront Memorial.

Dedicated to the 51 submarines and more than 3,500 officers and crewmen lost during World War II, this memorial honors their everlasting memory by telling stories of struggles endured by each of the 51 submarines, solidifying their place in history.

The Regulus I, a nuclear armed turbo jet powered cruise missile used by the US Navy during the Cold War.

The USS Bowfin as seen from the Waterfront Memorial.

Before entering the submarine itself, I found a souvenir machine and for a couple of bucks, I got this medallion.

We took the audio tour for the USS Bowfin and after being provided with players and headsets, it was time to explore the submarine.

A scenic view before going inside the submarine.

The audio tour contains numbered recordings that you can play using the player provided that matches certain number placed all over the submarine. It shares stories of success, struggles, and hardships the submarine and its crew had to endure during its patrols during WWII as narrated by some of its crew members.

In order to explore the submarine, you really had to squeeze yourself inside the vessel itself. Good thing we were a bit early than usual so we had the entire vessel to ourselves, plus a couple of other tourists.

Imagine going through all of these keys just to find a particular one while on a raid mission.

The tour explores each section of the submarine, including its galley where food and meals were prepared and served.

This is space was used as storage for frozen meat and anything that needs to be frozen.

A brand we are all familiar with.

USS Bowfin's torpedo bay.

We went up again to the submarine's deck to explore the armaments placed there.

After the tour, we had some snacks from the Museum's snack bar.

We then waited for our shuttle to take us back to the hotel and after that we made our way back to the airport.

That's it for our 3-day vacation in the beautiful island of Oahu. I know there are many more places to see and activities to do here so hopefully, I can make a trip back here.